How to use display 5110

The NOKIA 5110 LCD screen has a resolution of 84×48 (4032 pixels). The display is powered by 5 volts , but the logic works in 3.3 volts.
If you use arduino working in 5 volt logic, you must use a logical level converter. You can also use 10K limiting resistors . The backlight is powered from 3.3 volts. The display can display text and graphics.

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   RST: Reset Pin
   SCE: Chip select Pin
   D/C: (Data/Command): This is the mode select pin. Low means command                 mode and high means Data mode.
   DIN :(Data Pin): Serial Data In
   SCLK: Serial Clock
   VCC: 3.3V
   LED: This LED is the backlight LED. Input voltage is 3.3V
   GND: Ground

First program:

Install libraries:

Code program:

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