How to make Wi-Fi Jammer


     Hi, I will show you how to remove users from wifi network. We do not have to answer the password. The jammer is very small and you can take it wherever you want. It can be powered from a powerbank or telephone. Jammer can only be used for testing your own network.

Jammer masquerades as a router and sends information (data packet) for use (Smartphone) to disconnect. Data packets are unencrypted. The only thing you need to know is the address of the mac router.
You can delete all devices from the network or one device.

In my video, it shows how to install Ch340 drivers, how to upload a program to our ESP8266 and how to do the attacks.

You only need ESP8266 to make a jammer.

Fast Video TUTORIAL:


1) download the file with the files LINK
2) Extract the Wi file
3) Install the driver for CH340 ch341SER / SETUP.EXE
4) Open the ESP8266Flasher.exe program. Select in the file deauther_2.1.0_1m.bin. in Operation select the COM port with your ESP8266 and click FLASH.


1) Connect to the wpnet network, password: deauther
2) Open the browser entry address
3) Accept the terms
4) Select your network from the list
5) Go to the attack tab, select deauth and click start. Now devices connected to your network will be disconnected.
If you choose attack beacon,  will be created many networks


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