Micro Servo Robotic arm


                   How to build a simple robotic arm with a gripper using plexi, an Arduino, and four servos. Feel free to use similar materials or whatever you already have.


  • Plexi 17cm x 10 cm , 8cm x 2,5cm and 6cm x 2,5cm
  • 4 Micro Servos (with their horns and screws)
  • 4 Rotary Potentiometers
  • NANO I / O Expansion Sensor Shield Module
  •  Arduino Uno
  • 1 6-Volt Battery Pack
  • Wires


  • Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue Sticks
  • Precision screwdriver or other small screwdriver
  • Arduino IDE
  • USB to Arduino Cable

Video Tutorial:

Montage instructions:

  • Mount arduino uno on plexiglass.
  • Connect 4 servos to the arduino from Pin 4 to pin 7.
  • Upload the 90 degree program. Now all the servos have been set to 90 degrees.
  • Connect the servos with Plexiglas as in the pictures / video.

Build a second arm only use potentiometers instead of servos.

  • Connect potentiometers to pins A0 to pins A3

Now upload sketch ARM_ROBOT.ino

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