Covid-19 Tracker

        You don’t have to watch TV to know what the situation is in your country. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make Covid-19 Tracker. The data will refresh on the display automatically every 5 seconds. You need the Board NodeMCU and 1.8 “SPI display. In the sketch you must provide the name and password for your internet and ApiKey. Coronavirus data is downloaded from and processed by
I encourage you to visit the author of the project, here is the original program version.


List Elements:

  • NodeMCU
  • Display 1.8″ SPI ST 7735
  • PCB Prototype board / BreadBoard
  • Wires
  • Header Female pins


  • First version is on prototypy pcb board
  • Second version is on breadboard


Download the latest version from the project author’s website or use mine sketch

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