iR Car Control Arduino

         The car is controlled by a remote control with four buttons: front, back, left and right, when no button is pressed the “STOP” code is sent. We can insert the iR diode itself or the ready module with the iR diode into the remote control and receiver. The L298N module, which is powered by six AA / R6 batteries, is responsible for controlling the engines. To use the iR diode to send codes, we need the iRremote library.

List components:

  • 2x Arduino Nano
  • iR Receveir and transmitter
  • 4x buttons
  • PCB Board
  • Module L298N
  • 6x Batteries
  • Switch
  • Wires
  • Plexi 15cm x 10cm
  • 4x TT Motors and wheels
  • Wires
  • Pins Headers



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