Simple CAR Arduino Bluetooth Controlled

In this project i will show you how use the Bluetooth module to control a car through commands coming from a smartphone.

List element:

  1. Bluetooth HC-06
  2. Arduino uno
  3. L293D motor shield
  4. Plexi 17cm x 10cm
  5. 4x TT gear Motor
  6. 4x wheels
  7.  4x Battery AA
  8.  Battery pack
  9. Wires
  10. Switch

Video Tutorial:


     If your Arduino works in 5 volt logic, connect ONLY Tx to pin S (servo 2). The HC-06 bluetooth module works in 3.3 volt logic, connecting the Rx pin can damage it. If your arduino works in 3.3 volt logic, connect Rx to pin S (servo 1)

Sketch :

  1. Download FILES (sketch and library) or Only library
  2. Open sketch and add a library. Sketch -> include library -> Add .ZIP Library and select  “”


Android Aplication:

  1. Pair HC-06 with your phone
  2. Install aplication on your phone
  3. Open Aplication and select device bluetooth HC-06
  4. Enter Controller and open “configuration buttons”:





  5. Have fun

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