Play Station 1 Emulator

                       Play station classic is expensive and has only 20 built-in games, in the game library is missing among other things “crash bandicoot”.
The power of the equipment is also small and you can not install games alone.
Therefore, a better idea is to use the PS1 emulator, it’s works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and android

Download Emulator:

Download Bios to emulator:

Unpack and copy file Bios Console  scph1001.bin  to folder BIOS in emulator .

Run the emulator and will configure your emulator. Select Config and Wizard Guide. Choose options just like in the photo above. In the controller option you have to set the buttons for your controller or keyboard.

Your emulator is pre-configured. In the video settings (Confing->Video) you can set the graphics of your game in detail, but before you do that start the game to check if it works.
I wish you great fun 🙂

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